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Entrepreneur Annick Schmeddes is full time engaged with www.sustainabletalent.nl, career coach and recruitment for professionals in sustainability


Matching international social business
In sustainability strategies, approaches and project management, (international) multi-stakeholder methodologies are often necessary. PeopleConnector is your partner in realizing these strategies by matching and facilitating co-operation with the right (international) partners. PeopleConnector has a strong base in both NGOs in international co-operation as in international private sector and SMEs.

If your questions are:

  • How can I improve my sustainability impact?
  • How can I find the right partner for my business?
  • How can I find common ground in my multi-stakeholder network?
  • How can I find common language between NGOs and private sector?

PeopleConnector has more than 7 years of expertise in building bridges between NGOs , private sector and social entrepreneurs and has a relevant network internationally of social business. We are experienced in concept development ánd putting it into practice.

Projects in execution: